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Romeo and Juliet, Berlin, Germany

Hello friends of the theatre!

My name is Samantha Jones and I'm a big fan of theatre plays which is why I've decided to start this blog and tell you something about my favourite plays

I've seen a couple of plays recently and my favourite one was definitely "Romeo and Juliet" which I saw in a small theatre in Berlin, Germany. The performance was in Elizabethan English which I really appreciated since it was more authentic than other (modern) adaptations I had seen before. The genuine costumes and the stage design made you feel like you had travelled through time as well! What surprised me was that the quality of the acting was so excellent despite of the theatre being relatively unknown!!

It was really disappointing though that there was only a very small audience. There should have been more advertising for this play, but of course, taking into account the financial straits of the producers, you couldn't expect too much...

Dear friends of the theatre, please: do go and watch plays in smaller theatres, they often turn out to be far better than you expected and I promise that you will have wonderful evenings!!!




14.11.08 11:24

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